Xamarin Link Roundup – 22 July 2013


Cool Code


From Zero to Xamarin – Part 1 – First contact

In order to evaluate Xamarin as a potential platform for developing our mobile app, myself and a couple of co-workers downloaded and installed the free trial edition at various points in time. A little while later I got an email from a Xamarin “Customer Success Engineer” who noticed that a few people from the same company had downloaded Xamarin and wanted to know if there was anything they could do to help us get going. Okay so a couple of things here: Continue reading…

From Zero to Xamarin – Part 0 – A New Hope

I’m working on a fantastic project at work at the moment.  It’s 51% awesome and 49% scary as hell.

It’s awesome because it’s an innovative mobile project across all the major platforms and therefore I get to play with loads of toys and devices.

It’s scary as hell because we are attempting to publish 4 apps into 4 different app stores in just a few months, which would be cool if we had a crack team of mobile developers and designers.  Unfortunately this is far from the truth.  The reality is this – There is me, some very committed totally awesome devs who are putting in hours outside of their normal work, and a crazed bunch of business people who have promised a October 24 big bang release!

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