Xamarin and Resource.Designer.cs

I am doing a lot of development using Xamarin for Android and while most of the time it works really well, there are a few circumstances where it acts a little weirdly.

The first is when naming resources. The Xamarin documentation states the following in a resource on their website:

Also, it’s important to note that while Android only supports lowercase filenames for resource items, Xamarin.Android is a bit more forgiving; it will support both uppercase and lowercase filenames.Xamarin

While this is true for most items it doesn’t work across the board.  Continue reading…

Xamarin Link Roundup – 24 Aug 2014

As usual, another Link Roundup of Xamarin / Mobile related links collected over the last week or so. Don’t forget if you have seen something cool that should be on the list, email me, comment or tweet me.

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Xamarin Link Roundup – 15 Aug 2013

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Xamarin Link Roundup – 6 Aug 2013



  • PlayScript is an open source Adobe ActionScript compatible compiler and Flash compatible runtime that runs in the Mono .NET environment, targeting mobile devices through the Xamarin platform. http://playscript.github.io/ – via Julian Xhokaxhiu
  • Reactive Extensions (RX) are the new cool.  There is now a port for Mono on github. It’s also available as nuget packages for iOS and Android. via – Jérémie Laval
  • MonkeyArms MVCS framwork.  Well if framework names hadn’t got weird enough already, MonkeyArms is a MVCS framework for Xamarin iOS and Android apps inspired by Flash’s Robot Legs framework. – via Ben Bishop

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Back soon with more links and experiences of my Xamarin learning, enjoy reading my other articles in this blog. Have any question? Don’t forget to write a comment below.

Why is my Nokia Lumia 920 bubbling?

I recently bought a new phone and passed on my old Nokia Lumia 920 to my wife. She has a strong opinion on the use of cases for phones, especially when we have little kids playing with them. In order to placate her I purchased a wallet style leather case and put the phone in it. She was really happy as the case came with some inserts that she could store credit cards in and use it as a pseudo wallet when she couldn’t be bothered carrying around her hand bag.


Then my wife started complaining about the phone making these strange bubbling noises. I laughed it off and took the phone in order to listen for myself. I flipped open the case and sure enough the phone started bubbling! It was actually quite a pleasant sound but the curious side of me couldn’t just let it go. I searched high and low in the phone settings but couldn’t find anything that would be causing it.

I turned instead to Google and found this thread with some posters describing a noise as “it sounds like Tiny Bubbles…”. That’s it! That’s the noise!!! Further on in the thread people linked the noise to NFC and I realised that my wife had put a credit card with Pay Pass in the wallet case. Whenever she opened the wallet she flipped the cover around to the back of the phone to use it. This of course put the Pay Pass chip at the back of the phone and activated Tap and Send.

Since my wife cares about NFC about as much as I care about putting the seat down on the toilet, I have disabled Tap and Send for now. Happy wife, happy life…