Visual Studio 2011 First Looks

Turns out that the Visual Studio 2011 Beta is just around the corner and information has come to hand about the design and features of the new UI.

What can we say…  It’s self consistent.  grey-on-grey:

The most interesting part for me is the decision to use UPPER CASE all over the place.  As one of my colleagues said

[quote style=”boxed”]I don’t want my IDE yelling at me all the time[/quote]

Have a read about the new IDE at these posts:

[box type=”note” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Update: Interestingly, the VS team must have been hearing lots of crazy feedback to require them to put this update on the announcement.[/box]

[quote style=”boxed”]UPDATE: We hear you. There’s a lot of excitement about this release and a lot of passion about colors, designs, styles and icons. Know that we are listening to all your comments here, across social media and we are working hard to make Visual Studio 11 a fast, powerful and feature-rich product. Keep the comments coming, both good and bad. We are reading them all.[/quote]

At least they are listening.

[box type=”note” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Update2: Scott Hanselman has also blogged a piece about the new VS2011 UI with some well thought out considerations.[/box]

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