Getting a look into AngularJS, a link roundup – 1st September 2013

I recently had to do a technical evaluation of technology options for a new project/product that we’re embarking on. The project was to be a web application, and since we’re not really a ‘web’ shop our options were really open for what and how we were going to design and build this new system.

So with our options open we began to evaluate things like Backbone, knockout and Ember. However we wanted to try and stick with an MVVM-esk pattern… well this led me down a path of discovery with AngularJS. What we found was a really capable and fast moving world unlike anything I’ve seen for a long time!

Here are the most useful things on the inter-nerd, that will teach you the KEY concepts in a few days.

Key Concepts


Code 101



I found these to be the must have tools for anybody trying AngularJS with/from Visual Studio


Tips and techniques




If you have any suggestions, comments or resources please let us know in the comments

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