Responsive Web Design & Media Queries

Frederic Harper has a post on What the heck is Responsive Web Design? which gives the basic rundown on what it is, why you should care and some tips on how to implement it.

At Tech-Ed 2011 this year one of my favourite sessions was a presentation by Thomas Lewis called “Responsive Design – The View of the World Depends on the Glasses I Wear”.  You can watch it on Channel 9 here.

I was well impressed with the idea of Responsive Web Design and Media Queries in general and something which I’ll definitely be digging into this year as I investigate more on modern web development techniques in prep for Windows 8 JS/ HTML  applications.

Frederic recommends a book called Responsive Web Design – By Ethan Marcotte but just thought I would jot down a few references that I got of the Tech-Ed session:

Some related Web Resources:

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