Things I Learned Today #2 – Like intellisense but for that other commonly used language…

There aren’t many things in software that scream UNPROFESSIONAL quite like spelling mistakes; it really irks me as a user, and I’m sure it makes our end-users uneasy too.

So let me introduce you to one of my recent favourite Visual Studio extension… Visual Studio Spell Checker.

It’s an extension that checks the spelling of comments, strings, and plain text as you type and is really handy and absolutely non-intrusive. Have a look at the real-world example below which was highlighted to me as I was navigating around some older sections of our codebase.



It might be something that many people may just shrug off but it’s something that I’m going to suggest that all of our developers have installed as it’s just another one of those little things that help ensure your software has that little bit more polish.


  1. slamb2k   •  

    I copied and pasted your article into Word to make sure there wasn’t any spelling mistakes. Disappointed. You were all good…

    • Denis Vujicic   •     Author

      Hrmm would have been pretty ironic and embarrassing 😛

  2. DazStep   •  

    Kind of thinking that the “is” between extensions and Visual Studio Spell Checker doesn’t seem right, perhaps just a comma. 🙂

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