Xamarin, iBeacons and Geofencing – Some Resources

For an upcoming geekend (a weekend hackfest) we are looking at spending some time digging into iBeacon and Geofencing technologies.  I was going to email some of these resources I have found to the participants but thought it might be better if I blog them as a resource for others. 

Hope it helps

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First Metro Style Windows 8 App Using Javascript HTML5 and CSS

I just got around to building my first Windows 8 Application using Javascript, HTML and CSS.

It’s a image viewer which queries Flickr for pictures of beards.  It also incorporates live maps to show geolocation information attached to the  photos.  Why beards?  Because these days beards are becoming the “badge of the hipster” and hipsters must be eliminated.  So I figure this would be a useful tool to identify and locate potential hipsters. 🙂 Continue reading…